Welcome to OccuDoc

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services that will transform the way physicians, licensed healthcare professionals, and human resource professionals store, protect, manage, and recover medical records.

  • Industrial Employee Health Record Management Services

    Industrial clients are not hospitals and their medical departments should not have to scale up to perform as such with respect to employee document management. OccuDoc comprehensive solutions sync with current client infrastructure for seamless integration while automating the document management workflow. Let us handle all employee medical documents and integrate them into your corporate structure as needed.

    Our solutions will relieve industrial health and human resource departments from the growing day-to-day burdens of employee document management processes such as scanning and data entry and replace these tasks with automated solutions. This way, medical and human resource professionals can shift their focus back to adding real value to their company as their job descriptions originally intended.

  • Corporate Medical Intelligence Services

    We offer company-specific solutions for occupational health and safety departments to help manage their employees' health and wellness while at the same time giving corporate medical decision makers the business intelligence they need to manage effectively from the macro perspective.

  • Unique Web-Based Applications for Physicians & Licensed Healthcare Professionals

    In addition to solving the occupational document workflow problems, we provide medical professionals the magic of automating their workflow processes and reporting to their occupational clients and therefore to the employee directly.